To our Valued Service Members and Families:
PCS Delayed? We can help! Whether you are extending your move out date, or need an interim place to call home, Hunt Military Communities is here to assist. Please reach out to via phone, email or the contact us form and we will do all we can!

As we navigate COVID-19 together, we want to be sure we continue to be transparent in our communication and keep you updated on our plans.
Community Updates - June 4, 2020


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    Basic Allowance for Housing

  • How does military housing privatization affect a service member's Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)?

    • Privatization does not affect the amount of BAH that is paid to the service member. Under the Military Housing Privatization Initiative, all service members choosing to live in privatized military housing receive their BAH and use the BAH to pay the privatized housing provider.

  • Please explain more about the BAH entitlement and rent allotment.

    • The government determines the service member's BAH based on the cost of similar rental property near the base, typical utilities, his/her rank and the typical cost of Renter's Insurance. An allotment from the service member's account is set up upon lease signing to pay rent.

  • Will BAH be counted as income? Specifically, will it affect the cost of children's day care?

    • BAH is an entitlement and is not counted as taxable income. However, it will be included in gross income. Programs based on an individual's gross income may be affected.

  • How will rent be paid and what does it cover?

    • You must bring rent to the leasing office on the first of the month. Rent equals your BAH minus a utility allowance.

  • Will rent be based on size of the home or BAH?

    • Each floor plan has a different price due to the utility allowance.

  • How will BAH work for families where both spouses are military members?

    • Both members will receive BAH. The senior member will receive it at the with-dependent rate, while the junior member will receive it at the without-dependent rate. Under current Department of Defense rules, only the senior member's BAH at the with-dependent rate will be used to calculate the rent amount, so the family can keep the BAH of the junior member.

  • Lease Signing

  • What type of lease does Hunter’s Cove Family Housing use?

    • The lease is a standard resident agreement used by all privatized military housing and conventional (civilian) rental properties. Residents are required to sign a lease in order to reside in housing. The lease specifies the rights and responsibilities of resident and Owner The lease also sets the service member's BAH as the rent payment

  • If I earn a promotion during the lease period can I move to another base house commensurate with the new rank?

    • Homes are not rank-specific.

  • If I am demoted during the lease period, is my rent adjusted to my BAH?

    • Homes are not rank-specific.

  • Our Services

  • Who will be doing service requests for the privatized quarters, and will residents be charged?

    • The fully bonded maintenance staff will be resolving all service requests for the residents. Residents are never charged for the services. Typically maintenance requests are completed within 24 hours. Residents are not required to be home while the request is being completed.

  • Will garbage be picked up?

    • No. Hunter's Cove Family Housing is not responsible for trash pickup and recycling.

  • Will I still have to mow my lawn?

    • No, residents are not required to mow their lawn.

  • How do I contact Maintenance if I have a service order?

    • Hunter's Cove Family Housing provides a 24-hour a day service line— (361) 592-8100. You will talk to a real person to provide the details about your maintenance service request. We will even take care of your request of you cannot take time off from your busy schedule to be in your home.

  • Privatization

  • What is the Navy Privatization Program?

    • The Navy Privatization Program is a government initiative which allows the services to leverage appropriated construction funds and government-owned property to attract private capital to improve military housing.

  • How does privatization affect the service that military members receive?

    • Hunt draw upon their private sector experience to provide first-rate services and amenities to our military families. We pride ourselves in our commitment to customer services and Hunter’s Cove Family Housing promises to deliver a product that meets or exceeds the standards in the surrounding community.

  • Will military members still have the option to live off-installation?

    • Yes, military members still have the option use their BAH to rent a house or apartment off base.

  • If we are asked to vacate our homes for demolition, who will pay for our move to a new home?

    • Residents required to move due to development and construction will not pay any out of pocket expenses. Your move will be paid for by the government.

  • Resident Guidelines

  • What is the satellite policy for new homes? Existing homes?

    • Satellites on existing homes, erected prior to the transition to privatized housing will be grandfathered. Satellites on other existing homes and new homes are not allowed without prior written approval from management and proof of renter’s insurance.

  • What is your pet policy?

    • All residents will be limited to two pets (dog, cat, bird, or fish aquarium). Certain breeds of dogs are not allowed, including Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers.

  • What are the requirements for vacating quarters?

    • 30-days prior to your lease expiration date, written notice is required before vacating quarters and should be given at your management office as soon as you are aware of your moving arrangements.